Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A visual update on ma lifeeey

Oh mmm gee! Where have you been Jenn?
Calm yourself blog world
I had to attend to some in-real-life-time events
AKA I started my job, moved in with kirbs the great, etc.

But let me update you in pictures, because I'm not in the mood for typing

First, I did in fact drive from UT to CA twice. Once with no AC, but I had my catholic cross with me so I knew everything would work out. 

I went wake boarding a lot

I did get up at 445 am to do a time lapse of sunrise. It was pretty great. 

I did drive back in record timing from Kanab to Salt Lake to surprise Kirby for her 21st!

I got to work with Alli! 

I did go to SLC pride

and lastly I did finish up one my most well planned movie projects... Here it is

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Its a little to perfect but a beezy can dream right? Plus Id love to be on the creative team for something like this.  

Free People Presents "Roshambo" from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life, lemons and fortune cookies

"Sometimes life doesn't give you lemons and thus you can't make lemonade,
 but don't be STUPID! If you want some lemonade don't wait for the hand out, go out there and get what you need to make that amazing lemonade"

This is a true quote from the heart, friends. And I spent a lot of time revising it.
Today is a day, like any other day. Thats what I tell myself when times are hard.
Today just doesn't feel like a day. Its been a day-mare which is clearly equivalent to a nightmare but only in the day.
Ya ever had one?
Good, stay away from them, they are highly toxic to the soul and to productivity levels.

Positive pshychology tells me I can choose to be upset or be happy, and I want to thank them for at least letting me CHOOSE. Hence I choose to be upset. What of it?

Fine, heres the positive about the situation. Although this is a really crappy situation and I feel violated and extremely uneasy and I cried so hard last night I became dehydrated and I still have the post puffy eyes even after a nights rest, I can't ignore all the great people who have reached out to me at this time. My Daddy-o, Kirby, Megs, Hadley, Eric, Erika, Erin, Tyler, Molly. The whole caboodle really. And if you haven't, im not mad because I probably haven't had the chance to inform you about the situation. But really its hard to cry when everyone just wants to help. And for that I am forever thankful for all the grand and great that surrounds my life.

Also it became clear to me that every thing is going to be ok, because this happened to me today

I walked up to my spot to study. MY spot. I claim this thing every day all day by leaving my stuff at it. Anywho there was a fortune cookie on the desk this morning?!?! Of course it was for me. 
And what did it say???

Clearly the higher powers of life have my back. 
Thanks life, for letting me freak out a bit, but letting me know its going to be ok

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shout outs for days!

Shout out to my fam bam!

First Landon, happy birthday boiii. 17?! I remember when I turned 17, it was a big deal. It feels like you are getting close to me in age but thats not possible silly!! 

 It seems like only yesterday your snaggle tooth was raging! 
No worries though, ugly childhood stages are great for personality growth,
hence look at you now!

Look how strong you have gotten! Brooke has no chance now! She just has to take the abuse now!
But don't too big headed about it!
Because obviously you cant take down everyone... yet (aka me). 
But work on it, next time I come home Ill give you a fair shot. 

Speaking of which Ill be coming home beginning of May lets go do some of this shi-nan-na-gans!

NEXT shout out to my Little Sissy wissy tissy. 
The woman is going on a mish to Argentina and leaves very soon!
SO proud of you poo and I know it will be an all around growing experience for you.

lastly shout out to me! 
So proud of myself for graduating la universidad!
So much hard work and hours drooling over schooling. 
But I made it... 
Well almost, lets hope nothing happens in the next few week that would result in me not graduating! 
I have owned this spot at the library for many years now and for sure there are some attachment issues that Im going to have to work on after I graduate. 
Don't worry desk Ill come visit you every so often. 

This is the face of a college student. puffy eyes, fish mouth, and emotionless, and a constant battle to keep my peeper eyes open. 
Will I miss it? 
I mean maybe. 
I always thought the puffy eyes could someday be mistaken for a great botox job. 
And lastly, the hat has made it through all my college days too!
He was so well behaved.
Proud of you hatty on my head! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

coconut oil

The coconut oil obsession.
How and why?

Because my roommate had a huge tub of it from Costco that he is not using,  so I decided I would help him lessen his guilt of buyers remorse by using it. Also one of the many reasons I make an awesome roommate.

How do you use it? Is that what your asking?
Anything really.
Cooking, hair, skin, face skin (everyone knows face skin is much more complex than body skin, but coconut oil doesn't care: it masters it all), put it in your coffee, shave with it, it also is a great item for pranks (if your into that), I hear people tan with it but that sounds dangerous, I also hear people use it as deodorant? Sure why not, coconut oil doesn't judge! Do it and tell me how it goes!

So now you're thinking, you are definitely a victim of a fad jenn.
And my response to that is: your wrong, because I am a psych major, thus I am a trained SKEPTIC!
AKA I did an experiment with the oil to really test for a significant difference.
Never mind the testing methods I used because of coarse Im legit thus the methods were legit and you should therefore trust me.

Results: There is a significant difference in my life before and after I started using coconut oil.

Now you are thinking: well lets just see how long this obsession last...
Well good luck being a side critic instead of jumping on the band wagon with me because Im pretty sure they will end up writing a book on my life, specifically promoting the greatness of coconut oil. Thanks to coconut oil I now have a shot of being one of those people who look like they are 50 but are really 80! If you aren't convinced yet, then you deserve to age at the normal rate.

me in awe with coconut water
 (Note: coconut water is not coconut oil, these are two different fads)
(Im not into coconut water though, it was free, and the blog needed some spice)
(and yes I got a new hat) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today has been a little crazy if you want me to explain why then you should probably think before you ask because you'll soon find out that asking "why" is irrelevant to your life.
Just take my word for it.
Any-who right now I have my first mini break of the day
And man does it feel mini like!
Because in about 15 mins Ive gotta go hike it to class that doesn't get out till 7!
Imagine that!
Take the time to smell the roses of your life because it could be a lot worse...even worse than mine.
Im very dramatic today as you can tell.
Being a little dramatic is relative though
Or maybe its not and I just want to feel justified about being dramatic.

Also, have you noticed my 10 fold increase of blogging lately?
If your scientifically minded you may be asking, "why jen why? why such an increase of blogging?"
To be honest, I don't know, It just felt right???

Newer news:
Today I told a group of peeps in my lab that I've been using a lot of coconut oil, although I'm clearly aware of its faddish characteristics.
I told them I've been putting in my hair at night and sleeping in it and that my bed is becoming oily.
I think a boy really envisioned a bed full of oil because he looked disgusted.
I was only exaggerating boy from lab, you should learn to tone down your imaginative brain power and realize that a bed full of coconut oil is highly unlikely on this side of the hemisphere.

Maybe tomorrow Ill fill you in on my life of coconut oil, maybe Ill even take a picture of my skin, then photoshop it, then post under the photo "see, look how great my skin looks."  or maybe I wont. Guess you will just have to wait and see.

ps. Im even drinking coconut water right now! Don't worry though Im not completely immersed in the coconut product craze... it was free, I felt obligated to take it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mini life lesson

Ill make this snappy because I am currently preparing myself for a full load of classes and exams tomorrow.

Have you ever been mad at me?
Well guess what, the feeling has probably been mutual!
Yes thats right, you may not be the only person in this world to become upset with people, people may in fact become upset with you too!
Imagine that!
If you can just hold onto this last concept while you read this next section, you may walk away from my blog with a mini life lesson, and lets be honest, thats not a reoccurring theme of my blog!

Continuing on...
Be mad at me, tell me your mad at me.
These are all good emotional processes that are natural.
Heres whats not natural: continuing to be mad after an allotted amount of time (even after multiple apologies), holding a grudge till death, planning a "pay back", or being hostile for life!

If this is your strategy in dealing with my/or anyones wrong doing, then good luck and make sure to take some extra vitamin supplements because your going to be expending a lot of unnecessary energy.
A fourth meal from taco bell may need to be implemented into your hostile endeavors.
Heres the pitch Im throwing at you: forgive and continue to move merrily throughout your life.

Before you get all "examine all the flaws of this post" such as, "well what if the person really does suck and the world would be a better place if they died, thus I will hold my grudge until then" or "they were never sincere in their apology or deny the fact that they even messed up"

Yeah, I hear ya. Conditions exist, and Im not trying to deny that. But do you really want to dish out an extra $4.50 a day for a fourth meal at taco bell to keep up with your hostile- extra-energy exerting lifestyle?
According to my phone calculator that is an extra $1642.50 a year!
With that money you could take yourself on a nice cruise.


I'm completely confident that someday you will make the right choice

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring breaking

This spring break consisted of bingo, montigo, and 21.
Thats right we decided we could not call ourselves true salt-lakians until we tried our luck at Wendover.
Thus we took the notorious and semi infamous FUN BUS, and boy was it fun!
The array of people on this bus was spectacular!
Young folk, old folk, gambling addicted folk, and party folk all existed on this bus.
The bus ride was the best part of the trip because Deb (our hostess) was a crack up!
She passed out diet coke in styrofoam cups and lead a crazy game of bingo.
This all equals entertainment, hence the name "FUN BUS".
After we arrived we played 21, all of us were doing great until a new dealer swapped out our current dealer.
We should have known to walk away as soon as the new dealer arrived because she was a little ol asian  woman and her name was...POPCORN.
She wouldn't tell us how she got the name either, not even after we tipped her!
She wiped us clean of our winnings so we decided it was time to sulk in our misery and hit the buffet.
After we loaded up on fuel it was time for roulette.
We all pitched in to buy some chips and the games begun.
Actually the game never really began for us because we lost our all our chips within the first 10 minutes..
The motto of the night to make everyone feel better was YOG-TWO which means "You Only Go To Wendover Once"
No one liked the saying but me, whatever.
Any-who, we met a nice latino man while playing roulette, although he wouldn't tell us his name or what he did for a living, we tried to get him to let us have some of his chips so we could make a glorious come back in roulette, his only response to this bribery was pointing to the back and saying "ATM"
We didn't fall for that for a second!
We know how gambling addiction starts, its called keep going to the ATM aka Instant Gratification ( I especially know this, Im a psych major.)
The Latino man did give me some life advice.
He said, "Because of my overall descriptive statistics (white, female, lives in UT, in her 20's)  I can get whatever I want, all I have to do is dress like a sexy woman."
Good thing I don't want to go everywhere, because that sounds like a lot of scamming and false personhood I would have to do!
Thus I decided not to take his advice, and instead insisted he give me some of his chips already!
After a long night of "Wend-over", we wanted it to "be-over!"
Thank goodness the bus finally showed up and took us back to our roots.
We all decided Wendover was a success.
This is Deb the bus hostess, and Leroy in the background (our conscious, and defensive bus driver)
Leroy was desperately trying to hop into this picture..so cute! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

holla to the birfhday gurl

Dear E-lise And-rea B-ish-off, yesterday, was the day of your birth! Do you remember when you were born because I dont.. gosh the perks of becoming old!

I do remember you had a fluffy head. see

I also remember how you started to talk at 1 month, and at 2 months you were ready to take the GRE!
Wow the perks of aging!

How do you feel? Did you notice anything different about yourself upon waking on the morning of the 10th? Dont feel sad if you didnt, I hear it is a rare experience, although the media plays it out in that manner. Really annoying. Know one cares that, " Snookie, after giving birth to her cookie lost 45 lbs. find out how!"

Any who back to my baby sister. I was thinking you may not read this for a year in a half ! Shoot! I hope all is well at the official headquarters of mission prepping!

Also I hope Hawaii was great and that you and the other sister and our mother had a great bonding time together. Oceans, waves, oysters, seagulls, and of coarse scandalous outfits at the beach = prefect bonding atmosphere. 

stay $wee+ 4 life <3 p="">
and dont you go changen  4 no 1

Love you bug

Monday, March 11, 2013

Stay thirsty my friends - a very close fatherly figure to me

Sometimes in life you live in a small shack with two other peeps. People will scowl at you for it, but hey, ask this young liver how much entertainment she has received from it? Not much, but I'm trying to have a positive outlook on the situation, so don't bring me down!
"So don't you bring me down today.." 
That song was about the only good Christiania Aguilar brought into this world. 
And maybe genie in a bottle.
Back to the premise of this story...

Right now, the house smells of burnt plastic.
 We raise winners in this household.
I also think I'm going to spy attack on the person who keeps turning up the heat.
We clearly agreed to keep it at 62 degrees!
And although we share dishware,it's common knowledge that daily coffee mugs are the exception to the rule!
Life is hard my friends, and as I once heard my dad say after winning a game of settlers " stay thirsty my friends"

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't read this w/out reading the prior post.

I really had no intention of ending my last post so abruptly , but my iPad does this weird thing where it won't let me scroll back to the bottom of the doc. So I had to post it.

But let me finish by saying this..
I really need to get a smart phone, only because I feel like I could really liven up my blog if there was also some pictures incorporated into the post.
I mean I do have a camera, but I feel like that is so 2009. No one uses solo cameras. It's all about being smart, meaning I need a smart phone.
I think it would really be a confidence booster for me.
Anywho I'm thinking about dropping the hints to my mom soon being that I am graduating soon and feel like getting a graduation present would make me feel a lot better about the whole college thing.

Peace out.

A night in the life of a typical person

The events of last night started out with a bang...literally
I banged my finger in the trunk door of my car.
No worries,the recovery rate was faster than I could have imagined.

I decided to incorporate some gin in my life last night
After all my name is Jenn.
And besides it was so fun to see the annoyed expressions on my friends faces after I would say something like, " Jenn needs a little gin in her life, how about you?"
My friends couldn't tell if I was really trying to make this horrible play on words work.
Bottom line is, they didn't enjoy it.
And now Im heavily debating finding friends who have a mr. Rogers style to them...
I think people of this nature would really appreciate me for my creative endevours.

Next we went to a club. Anything with the word club in it scares me.
No worries though, it was " ladies night," thus we got in free.
But news flash to the world, it's ladies night every night in the life of Jenn.
My friends didnt appreciate this joke either.

Finally we left.
Between all the women and men flocking our table and the horrible club music we decided that we had enough of this type of night life, thus we headed to 7 eleven, and man thank heaven we did, because it turns out you can actually have a little too much gin in your life!
And get this. The lady working there offered me a killer deal I couldn't refuse!
Three hot dogs for $1.50!
Do the math, and you too will see the amazing ness of this.
I really didn't want three hot dogs, but it's like they say CHOLO
which I was informed last night meant: chu only live once.
No worries though, i didn't eat three hot dogs, I dispersed them through out the car and man did they go quick!
Lastly we headed back to our friends house where I full heartedly tried to convince Mick and otherJenn to adopt me into their family. 
I think they were kinda scared by my assertiveness of this matter, but I really enjoy hanging out with her mom and grandma.
Don't worry , my true family. I think we could work out some type of holiday schedule were I alternate between families. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Today was awesome. Here's why.

Just picked up an eclectic assortment of cd's from the pub. lib.
I even, almost, made all the green lights on the way there. Except for that tricky left turn arrow. Definately pulled a questionable yellow light turn on that one.
No ticket! Yay!

First hand experienced the awesomeness of networking.
It really does work.
LinkedIn isn't a scam!

It's my spring break, starting today.
Which means extra cash money flow for days 
Maybe now, I can finally afford to buy a new cupid for my cupid figurine collection that I started last week.

Got to take my time in the shower, aka I got shave my legs carefully and delicately.
No nicks or cuts.
See, Pink bic razors arent as bad as people make them out to be.

I made the solid homiez list

It's feeling spring like outside, which means I finally take my snuggie off!
Good thing, the leopard print was starting to look more like camouflage print.

This is me a few weeks after my big surgery.
Wisdom teeth pulled and 12 cavities filled...at the same time!
Which is evidence that mankind can go through much trial and tribulation and still be happy.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Philistine here!

A Confederacy of Dunces. This book seriously has the potential to be my new favorite book. So witty/clever. You cant help but smiling while reading it.
 The guy who wrote this book killed himself before it was ever published. In fact, his mother found the manuscript after her sons death and sent it to a publisher to see what they thought. John Kennedy Toole had talent and its a shame it went unrecognized for so long. 

On a lighter note Im on a Sufjan Stevens kick. Im currently rediscovering the beauty of his Michigan album. Favvys: Redford, Vito Ordination Song, Romulus, and Holland.

Friday, March 1, 2013

its friday.

Ive been moving like a snail today. Good thing I don't have three papers due and a test next week. ha.  Im a master of life.

My therapist says I have high standards. Well news flash therapist man... do people with high standards go to the $1 theater to go watch breaking dawn part 2? Because I just did. Before you judge me  too harshly readers, let me have a chance with a redemption line: I honestly thought I might get kicked out of the theater for laughing too much during the show. I nominate breaking dawn part 2 for the comedy of the year. 

Vibrating the cochlea's in my head today... Made in Heights. Check em. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just one of those days when all you want is to feel the sun on your back for comfort. Sufjan Stevens will suffice.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yesterday I caught this on NPR: Catch Radiolab on the radio: Deception . Honestly Im not interested in deception but this episode is done so well I actually sat outside my house in my car to finish listening to it. " We are so vulnerable to being hurt that we are given the capacity to distort, as a gift."

On a lighter note, Hawaii is on the mind. A couple thoughts about this...1st: I think my chances of getting this job are in my favor. 2nd: I think this is what I need to do. 3rd: I want sunshine

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Californian bought first snow shovel and now considers it an essential car item"

Before this winter I have never bought a window snow scrapper thing ... I now own two!  Ive always gotten away with using a credit card or just using my jacket sleeve. This winter is showing no mercy on my californian soul. Although I had the BEST snow board sesh of my life this week, I am tired of getting stuck everywhere I park. I now carry a snow shovel in my car.  I have come to accept my situation which is... shoveling around my tires before I sit down in my car, never leave the house without snow boots at hand, and never ever ever think you can dig yourself out with a hand held garden shovel.  On the positive side my arms are looking great, both of my classes were canceled (mind you, Im still at the library), and I could probably rally pretty well in the Baja 1000 . 

The GRE... 
I have been mentally preparing myself for the GRE for 1 year now.  Flash cards, study apps, prep classes, and bladder training. Honestly I am still terrified to take it, but I randomly read something that was slightly comforting "The GRE does not predict important performance criteria such as advisors' ratings of a students creativity, ability to teach, and ability to do research. " 

Lastly I recently discovered the amazing media selection the SLC public library has to offer! Surprisingly they have a nice music selection. I rented out two albums by Taken By Trees. I rarely listen to full albums , but Im finding that there really is an experience you get from taking in the whole album. Eat that last line up hipsters, someone is admitting to "album listening" as full on experience.

one from east of eden album.. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Air Baths and MulberryTrees

Read this the other day... "Benjamin Franklin took "air baths" for his health, sitting naked in front of an open window. D.H. Lawrence enjoyed removing his clothes and climbing mulberry trees. " Abnormal behavior? I think not, but rather eccentric and original. An air bath sounds pretty relaxing, and it will mostly make my summer list.  So if your weird and you know it, clap you hands and surely show it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

deaner for life

I made deans list woo. So did everyone else and their moms. I tell ya, life is competitive. Today we took a poll in my research class, "how many of us are planning to go to grad school?", 85% of the class polled yes. I tell ya, life is competitive. Its not enough to have bachelors degree or graduate with cum laude. So whats my secret weapon? Not letting myself get obese, and taking graduate level courses. 

so heres to my last semester as an undergrad. cheers!

always loved this song, video is pretty great too.