Friday, March 22, 2013

coconut oil

The coconut oil obsession.
How and why?

Because my roommate had a huge tub of it from Costco that he is not using,  so I decided I would help him lessen his guilt of buyers remorse by using it. Also one of the many reasons I make an awesome roommate.

How do you use it? Is that what your asking?
Anything really.
Cooking, hair, skin, face skin (everyone knows face skin is much more complex than body skin, but coconut oil doesn't care: it masters it all), put it in your coffee, shave with it, it also is a great item for pranks (if your into that), I hear people tan with it but that sounds dangerous, I also hear people use it as deodorant? Sure why not, coconut oil doesn't judge! Do it and tell me how it goes!

So now you're thinking, you are definitely a victim of a fad jenn.
And my response to that is: your wrong, because I am a psych major, thus I am a trained SKEPTIC!
AKA I did an experiment with the oil to really test for a significant difference.
Never mind the testing methods I used because of coarse Im legit thus the methods were legit and you should therefore trust me.

Results: There is a significant difference in my life before and after I started using coconut oil.

Now you are thinking: well lets just see how long this obsession last...
Well good luck being a side critic instead of jumping on the band wagon with me because Im pretty sure they will end up writing a book on my life, specifically promoting the greatness of coconut oil. Thanks to coconut oil I now have a shot of being one of those people who look like they are 50 but are really 80! If you aren't convinced yet, then you deserve to age at the normal rate.

me in awe with coconut water
 (Note: coconut water is not coconut oil, these are two different fads)
(Im not into coconut water though, it was free, and the blog needed some spice)
(and yes I got a new hat) 

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