Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mini life lesson

Ill make this snappy because I am currently preparing myself for a full load of classes and exams tomorrow.

Have you ever been mad at me?
Well guess what, the feeling has probably been mutual!
Yes thats right, you may not be the only person in this world to become upset with people, people may in fact become upset with you too!
Imagine that!
If you can just hold onto this last concept while you read this next section, you may walk away from my blog with a mini life lesson, and lets be honest, thats not a reoccurring theme of my blog!

Continuing on...
Be mad at me, tell me your mad at me.
These are all good emotional processes that are natural.
Heres whats not natural: continuing to be mad after an allotted amount of time (even after multiple apologies), holding a grudge till death, planning a "pay back", or being hostile for life!

If this is your strategy in dealing with my/or anyones wrong doing, then good luck and make sure to take some extra vitamin supplements because your going to be expending a lot of unnecessary energy.
A fourth meal from taco bell may need to be implemented into your hostile endeavors.
Heres the pitch Im throwing at you: forgive and continue to move merrily throughout your life.

Before you get all "examine all the flaws of this post" such as, "well what if the person really does suck and the world would be a better place if they died, thus I will hold my grudge until then" or "they were never sincere in their apology or deny the fact that they even messed up"

Yeah, I hear ya. Conditions exist, and Im not trying to deny that. But do you really want to dish out an extra $4.50 a day for a fourth meal at taco bell to keep up with your hostile- extra-energy exerting lifestyle?
According to my phone calculator that is an extra $1642.50 a year!
With that money you could take yourself on a nice cruise.


I'm completely confident that someday you will make the right choice

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