Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring breaking

This spring break consisted of bingo, montigo, and 21.
Thats right we decided we could not call ourselves true salt-lakians until we tried our luck at Wendover.
Thus we took the notorious and semi infamous FUN BUS, and boy was it fun!
The array of people on this bus was spectacular!
Young folk, old folk, gambling addicted folk, and party folk all existed on this bus.
The bus ride was the best part of the trip because Deb (our hostess) was a crack up!
She passed out diet coke in styrofoam cups and lead a crazy game of bingo.
This all equals entertainment, hence the name "FUN BUS".
After we arrived we played 21, all of us were doing great until a new dealer swapped out our current dealer.
We should have known to walk away as soon as the new dealer arrived because she was a little ol asian  woman and her name was...POPCORN.
She wouldn't tell us how she got the name either, not even after we tipped her!
She wiped us clean of our winnings so we decided it was time to sulk in our misery and hit the buffet.
After we loaded up on fuel it was time for roulette.
We all pitched in to buy some chips and the games begun.
Actually the game never really began for us because we lost our all our chips within the first 10 minutes..
The motto of the night to make everyone feel better was YOG-TWO which means "You Only Go To Wendover Once"
No one liked the saying but me, whatever.
Any-who, we met a nice latino man while playing roulette, although he wouldn't tell us his name or what he did for a living, we tried to get him to let us have some of his chips so we could make a glorious come back in roulette, his only response to this bribery was pointing to the back and saying "ATM"
We didn't fall for that for a second!
We know how gambling addiction starts, its called keep going to the ATM aka Instant Gratification ( I especially know this, Im a psych major.)
The Latino man did give me some life advice.
He said, "Because of my overall descriptive statistics (white, female, lives in UT, in her 20's)  I can get whatever I want, all I have to do is dress like a sexy woman."
Good thing I don't want to go everywhere, because that sounds like a lot of scamming and false personhood I would have to do!
Thus I decided not to take his advice, and instead insisted he give me some of his chips already!
After a long night of "Wend-over", we wanted it to "be-over!"
Thank goodness the bus finally showed up and took us back to our roots.
We all decided Wendover was a success.
This is Deb the bus hostess, and Leroy in the background (our conscious, and defensive bus driver)
Leroy was desperately trying to hop into this picture..so cute! 

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