Friday, March 8, 2013

Today was awesome. Here's why.

Just picked up an eclectic assortment of cd's from the pub. lib.
I even, almost, made all the green lights on the way there. Except for that tricky left turn arrow. Definately pulled a questionable yellow light turn on that one.
No ticket! Yay!

First hand experienced the awesomeness of networking.
It really does work.
LinkedIn isn't a scam!

It's my spring break, starting today.
Which means extra cash money flow for days 
Maybe now, I can finally afford to buy a new cupid for my cupid figurine collection that I started last week.

Got to take my time in the shower, aka I got shave my legs carefully and delicately.
No nicks or cuts.
See, Pink bic razors arent as bad as people make them out to be.

I made the solid homiez list

It's feeling spring like outside, which means I finally take my snuggie off!
Good thing, the leopard print was starting to look more like camouflage print.

This is me a few weeks after my big surgery.
Wisdom teeth pulled and 12 cavities the same time!
Which is evidence that mankind can go through much trial and tribulation and still be happy.

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