Monday, March 11, 2013

Stay thirsty my friends - a very close fatherly figure to me

Sometimes in life you live in a small shack with two other peeps. People will scowl at you for it, but hey, ask this young liver how much entertainment she has received from it? Not much, but I'm trying to have a positive outlook on the situation, so don't bring me down!
"So don't you bring me down today.." 
That song was about the only good Christiania Aguilar brought into this world. 
And maybe genie in a bottle.
Back to the premise of this story...

Right now, the house smells of burnt plastic.
 We raise winners in this household.
I also think I'm going to spy attack on the person who keeps turning up the heat.
We clearly agreed to keep it at 62 degrees!
And although we share dishware,it's common knowledge that daily coffee mugs are the exception to the rule!
Life is hard my friends, and as I once heard my dad say after winning a game of settlers " stay thirsty my friends"

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