Tuesday, March 12, 2013

holla to the birfhday gurl

Dear E-lise And-rea B-ish-off, yesterday, was the day of your birth! Do you remember when you were born because I dont.. gosh the perks of becoming old!

I do remember you had a fluffy head. see

I also remember how you started to talk at 1 month, and at 2 months you were ready to take the GRE!
Wow the perks of aging!

How do you feel? Did you notice anything different about yourself upon waking on the morning of the 10th? Dont feel sad if you didnt, I hear it is a rare experience, although the media plays it out in that manner. Really annoying. Know one cares that, " Snookie, after giving birth to her cookie lost 45 lbs. find out how!"

Any who back to my baby sister. I was thinking you may not read this for a year in a half ! Shoot! I hope all is well at the official headquarters of mission prepping!

Also I hope Hawaii was great and that you and the other sister and our mother had a great bonding time together. Oceans, waves, oysters, seagulls, and of coarse scandalous outfits at the beach = prefect bonding atmosphere. 

stay $wee+ 4 life <3 p="">
and dont you go changen  4 no 1

Love you bug


Elise said...

Thanks Jen! I really appreciated the birthday shout out. Hope life is great. :)

Jen Bee said...

I thought you would enjoy the picture of you wrestling an alaskan siberian british polar bear!