Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life, lemons and fortune cookies

"Sometimes life doesn't give you lemons and thus you can't make lemonade,
 but don't be STUPID! If you want some lemonade don't wait for the hand out, go out there and get what you need to make that amazing lemonade"

This is a true quote from the heart, friends. And I spent a lot of time revising it.
Today is a day, like any other day. Thats what I tell myself when times are hard.
Today just doesn't feel like a day. Its been a day-mare which is clearly equivalent to a nightmare but only in the day.
Ya ever had one?
Good, stay away from them, they are highly toxic to the soul and to productivity levels.

Positive pshychology tells me I can choose to be upset or be happy, and I want to thank them for at least letting me CHOOSE. Hence I choose to be upset. What of it?

Fine, heres the positive about the situation. Although this is a really crappy situation and I feel violated and extremely uneasy and I cried so hard last night I became dehydrated and I still have the post puffy eyes even after a nights rest, I can't ignore all the great people who have reached out to me at this time. My Daddy-o, Kirby, Megs, Hadley, Eric, Erika, Erin, Tyler, Molly. The whole caboodle really. And if you haven't, im not mad because I probably haven't had the chance to inform you about the situation. But really its hard to cry when everyone just wants to help. And for that I am forever thankful for all the grand and great that surrounds my life.

Also it became clear to me that every thing is going to be ok, because this happened to me today

I walked up to my spot to study. MY spot. I claim this thing every day all day by leaving my stuff at it. Anywho there was a fortune cookie on the desk this morning?!?! Of course it was for me. 
And what did it say???

Clearly the higher powers of life have my back. 
Thanks life, for letting me freak out a bit, but letting me know its going to be ok

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