Friday, March 28, 2014

Hums from the lawn mowers, satins panties, and garbage disposals

Its 7:30 am and Friday morning. As I slowly wake I can hear, through my open window the slight swishing of palm trees, birds chirping, and the hum of lawn mowers. Everything else is silent.

Together the ingredients of sounds will always be a melody that signifies good vibes, summer air, and the weekend. Growing up I always mowed the lawn on the weekend mornings. I suppose, forever I will believe that hums from the lawn mowers = the weekend.

Other shenanigans.

I made two epicly failed dinners this week, but yay for teenage boys whose appetites are like garbage disposals. So there was no guilt or shame of wasting food on my part.

Havent been running alot this week, as this week is a low milage/ back off week. Which has been a nice break for my mother/myself of trying to keep food in stock. Because on 50 mile weeks I eat for two.

Still havent heard anything about the job and have used all my resources of emailing, vmailing, calling, and bugging people. sigggghhh.

Mike (my guitar teacher) is teaching me Fire and Rain by James Taylor this week.

Landon, Brent, and I snuggled on the new couch with blankys and in our boxers, me( booty shorts) while watching The Truhman Show ( I almost cried, and Landon secretly got emotional)....

Wait wait wait....... in your underwear together?? What kind of family values are your promoting Jenn???

People might think this is weird, but after 6 oclock if you come to the Bishoffs house, youre probably going to see someone in their underwear. Mind you no ones roaming in thongs or "satins painties" and my defense to the nay sayers out there is this: underwear is the exact same as wearing a swim suit and no one gets weirded out by that! So bam shocka locka lamb... free your mind a little of these ludicrous social construction we have.  Because one day Id like to live in a society where in hotter climates of the world, underwear or swimsuits are totally normal daily attire.

Over and out roger

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Your alive...Im alive. We are alive. Heres what ive been doing while youve been doing too.

Lets see here. update.....

Still running (55 mi this week)
Still reading (Hide Tide in Tuscon by Barbra Kingsolver and Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel)
Still Alive ( Eating lots of gratefruits and Ceviche)


Sunday I did a whooping 17 miles of Radio Hill. It was quite the experience. After Mile 10, I had to suffice with walking down each time. Which seems to be my achilles heel. Contrary to popular belief downhill miles are much more challenging than uphill. Anywho Im working on this, because if you want to keep up with the big boys you gotta train with the law of physics and what Alicia Keys so cleverly said...which is.... "what goes up must come down".  Sundays are usually my radio hill days so after im done writing this I shall go venture out to the solitude of the desert in hopes of feeling of oneness and peace.

But where are you going with all this running Jenn? Hmmm good question... Ill let you know as soon as I know. But here is what I do know this far... it keeps me mildly sane and teaches me some sort of "inner wisdom"... so in that sense is akin to what ambrosia was for the greek gods.

Barbra Kingsolver is the woman!!!! Im not sure why I havent heard more rave about her writing but holy moley the woman speaks to my heart. You know when you keep your expectations low about an event and then the event is like amazing? Thats the experience I had while reading High Tide in Tuscon. I rented to the book, but will surly be buying it as it is a piece of writing I greatly respect and thus feel that paying a small fee towards Barbsy is the least I can do in saying thank you for having the courage to say the things so many of us dont have the guts to.

Staying Alive

Ill share a small amt of what else is been going on but only because it has tested my patience on a whole new level. Im currently playing the waiting game for a job. And waiting is hard for us human beings.....This is a job where there are multi hoops to jump through and you wonder if they are secretly just testing patience levels. So here I sit crossing fingers, toes, eyes, lower intestines and pray to the job gods to let the odds be ever in my favor.

Other news....
Ceviche, Gazpacho and Blackbean brownies are rocking my taste buds right now.
Also I cant wait for summer because Im having intense cravings for watermelon.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pink Moon

When all was quiet on the western frontier in the life of jenn, life gave me my running legs back.
And when everything seemed scary and chaotic running gave me a reason to be. 

In short, I have experienced some very intimate runs the past two weeks...Runs, which have left me with a new understanding of what it means to be deeply connected with the earth. Pretty amazing stuff, and my lexacon nor the english language contain the words in describing these moments, but i know that they will remain some of the most intimate moments of my life. To run under a full moon and milky night sky with a soft spring breeze pushing the scent of orange blossoms down the trail... you cant help but crave for more.

On a more surface level on my running endeavors... I lost a toe nail and I dont think its coming back....sighhhh. I also jacked up my milage to 50 mi the last two weeks. Meaning ive got 100 miles under my belt in the span of two weeks. Which I believe is a new personal best.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guitar, Trail Running, and Books

The past two weeks have been filled with guitar, trail running, and books.

Thanks to my wonderful guitar master teacher Mike, my guitar skills have improved ten fold.The man is so gifted and I feel very fortunate for him to pass on a little bit of his legacy to me. Im learning a very unique style from mike, maybe ill post something sometime.

Trail Running
I love it. Theres something very thrilling about going out into the middle of no where on a dirt trail with nothing and taking off. Its peaceful and its where I feel the closest to my higher power and the most connected with nature. Ive also made radio hill my second home and have been spending alot of hours out there working on my vertical climbs. Which I am finding is excellent training in helping me stay injury free on my distance runs. Also more exciting news, I trained my mom to run radio hill!! Im most certain she may be the first 50+ to ever accomplish such a challenge. Im really proud of her, and its been something that has helped us grow closer. She also accompanies me a few times a week on some of my runs. I love her motivation to still strive for super results even at her age. I think she deserves the hash #agewasneverafactor. Also I cannot be more grateful for all the beauty I experience on my runs. Here are a few cliche sunset pics ive snappped while out on my runs, I know.... but when you experience something this beautiful everyday you cant help but not! Anywho cant say enough about all the greatness running is for me right now: ran a total of 36 miles this week! wowzer bowzer!

Something very unusual has happened in my reading and that is that im starting to read more "classic like" material. I know its weird! It all started when I took a chance and decided to read Hemingways "The sun also rises". I found it so amusing that something written so long ago could still carry a modern day humor to it. Next thing I knew I was reading things from  Leo Tolstoy and then Maya Angelou (shes not really classic but African American Lit never enticed me either and now it does). Now Im on to James Joyce. Maybe its just a phase Im going through or maybe its just my little brain finally maturing into a beautiful well rounded lad.

And thats whats new in the life of Jenny bo denny fee fi fenny.