Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Noaa says: "SNOW ACCUMULATIONS: STORM TOTAL ACCUMULATION OF 20 TO 30 INCHES THROUGH FRIDAY MORNING"................. pfftt. Ill believe it when Im in it. Till then.....

Snow Circles from Beauregard, Steamboat Aerials on Vimeo.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a professional book reader. Im not sure what that entails but deadlines would be a no go.
Also I have a crush on Son lux. Beautiful sounds on a cloudy day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Song of the mind for this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things Im too embarrassed to apologize for

I've never been able to sit still in the library. I always move me feet around, lean back, lean forward, and rest my rest my legs on top of things. Today in the lib, I was sitting at an area that had six desks all with Imacs and all desks had people working at them. Half way through writing my spanish blog the power went out on the computer. I was confused at first, seeing that the lights were still on. I tried turning the computer back on, but nothing happened. I looked under my desk and saw the disaster. I had tripped the main electrical plug to all six computers! I was dying inside. The guy next to me looked at me. I shrugged back as if not knowing what was going on. Slowly I used my feet as hands, and plugged that puppy back in. Next was a choir of imacs all chiming up in unison. The girl on the other side got up and left, making a huge sigh. The other guy got a computer administrator to see if he knew what had happened. He was just confused as everybody else. I just sat there rewriting my spanish blog, since none of it was saved. Anywho I feel pretty bad about it because who the heck saves a document every five mins?? Meaning I probably caused five strangers unnecessary Monday grief.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Grandmas

My grandmothers who passed away days apart from one another this December. I can't thank them enough for raising such sound children.

My Grandma Ruby Bishoff

My Grandma Ruby didn't say much while I was growing up and at the time I thought that meant she didn't know a lot or had grown up supressed from expressing her opinion. The reality is she didn't have to be boisterous and overbearing to get her point across. My dad told a story at the funeral of how my grandma never scolded them as boys, but instead would ask them questions about the trouble they had gotten into, which would lead them pondering about the matter themselves. After my dad told that story it was like the mystery of her actions had been solved. I realize now that she was a natural Socrates (or maybe it was Pluto or Aristotle). Grandma Ruby was married to my Grandpa for over 70 years!!! My grandpa loved her so much. I have never seen my grandpa cry except for when he starts talking about his passed away lover. They were best friends. I suppose Bishoff's are lovers. She raised three great boys and for that I am forever grateful for her.
(My dad, the eldest Brad, and youngest Tom)

Grandma June Parkes
(and my mom drinking out of a coconut in her undies)

Grandma June could always make me laugh, but not because she was trying to be funny, it was just her whole personality that made me laugh. I think my mom takes right after her. Grandma June loved to say things that would get a rise out of you ( in a fun fashioned way). I was always amused by her Australian accent and was intrigued with her choice of words. Rubbers where erasers, and every type of shoe was a boot (shoes) or a thong (sandals). Im glad that she was able to raise good looking children..... ha.