Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Californian bought first snow shovel and now considers it an essential car item"

Before this winter I have never bought a window snow scrapper thing ... I now own two!  Ive always gotten away with using a credit card or just using my jacket sleeve. This winter is showing no mercy on my californian soul. Although I had the BEST snow board sesh of my life this week, I am tired of getting stuck everywhere I park. I now carry a snow shovel in my car.  I have come to accept my situation which is... shoveling around my tires before I sit down in my car, never leave the house without snow boots at hand, and never ever ever think you can dig yourself out with a hand held garden shovel.  On the positive side my arms are looking great, both of my classes were canceled (mind you, Im still at the library), and I could probably rally pretty well in the Baja 1000 . 

The GRE... 
I have been mentally preparing myself for the GRE for 1 year now.  Flash cards, study apps, prep classes, and bladder training. Honestly I am still terrified to take it, but I randomly read something that was slightly comforting "The GRE does not predict important performance criteria such as advisors' ratings of a students creativity, ability to teach, and ability to do research. " 

Lastly I recently discovered the amazing media selection the SLC public library has to offer! Surprisingly they have a nice music selection. I rented out two albums by Taken By Trees. I rarely listen to full albums , but Im finding that there really is an experience you get from taking in the whole album. Eat that last line up hipsters, someone is admitting to "album listening" as full on experience.

one from east of eden album.. 

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