Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't read this w/out reading the prior post.

I really had no intention of ending my last post so abruptly , but my iPad does this weird thing where it won't let me scroll back to the bottom of the doc. So I had to post it.

But let me finish by saying this..
I really need to get a smart phone, only because I feel like I could really liven up my blog if there was also some pictures incorporated into the post.
I mean I do have a camera, but I feel like that is so 2009. No one uses solo cameras. It's all about being smart, meaning I need a smart phone.
I think it would really be a confidence booster for me.
Anywho I'm thinking about dropping the hints to my mom soon being that I am graduating soon and feel like getting a graduation present would make me feel a lot better about the whole college thing.

Peace out.

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