Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Recover From Soul Fraud

Inventive, fresh, and against the grain ideas, thats what this talk was for me. It reminded me of the power of not being afraid in following your ideas/thoughts/brain, instead of going with crowd. It also reminded me to challenge every thought that enters my brain before accepting it as truth. Its important to ask your brain if its thoughts are valid. By questioning your beliefs (ie: Im ugly, Im dumb, No one likes me) you are giving yourself the power to create your own reality. If you accept your belief "I am dumb" then essentially this belief is your reality AKA self fulfilling prophecy.  Be kind to yourself and challenge your beliefs. It only makes sense; we have zero tolerance for credit card/ identity fraud, yet how much fraud do we let into our precious souls.

MUSAC for the day....
Sounds like: warm dry desert sunsets/desert cactus/shot of tequila might have been involved.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just a spoonful a sugar helps the medicine go down

NOTE: If your going to read this blog entry, do so while listening to this song. It really brings out the essence of what Im saying, and besides its pure bliss to the ears. WORDLESS music = not distracting while reading.

Something Ive implemented into my life is starting the morning off with a "spoonful of sugar"
No, not actual sugar, because that stuff is poison to the brain! Im talking about the REAL sugar of life, which is anything that just makes your soul sing.

You see, lately I wake up and literally and have to drag every muscle/nerve/cell in my body out of bed, it takes every inch of will power just to get myself to remove the snuggley comfy blankets. But you know, making best friends with your pillow is a sure way not to succeed, or for me at least.

So I asked myself an important question: what would it take for you to be absolutely stoked to wake up? What would make every morning like the anticipation of Christmas you feel Christmas Eve night? I cant think of any other day where i'm actually excited to hear my alarm clock go off. Why cant all mornings be like this?

Well folks, I have news for you.. they absolutely can! This is not a pyramid get rich scheme, because im offering you this information for free, and not endorsing it with any magic pill. So take this info as rich, and if you try it, it will revolutionize your life forever.

So heres what I did: I love waking up before the rooster, the milk man, and the sun.  To me, there is an essence of bliss and magic to mornings. Being awake at the most quiet/secluded time of the day; I feel so alive and peaceful at the same time. The way this song sounds is exactly how I feel in the morning, Its peaceful/curious/simple/ yet oh so rich at the same time.

 But heres the predicament: the actual act of waking up is hell for me! Opening my little peepers triggers me to feel soo grumpy. I needed a battle plan to counter act this initial feeling of grumpiness. So I asked myself, what would I have to be doing at these wee hours of the morning to over power the feeling of grumpiness? I needed something that motivated me to feel energized/empowered and absolutely alive about life, something full of pure joy.

Heres what I came up with: Im going to master and craft the BEST/ MOST RICH cup of coffee. Then i'm going to slowly enjoy my cup of coffee over the most wittiest and well humored shows ever: Parks and Rec, in the dim lighting of my peaceful kitchen.

See how thats working folks? Im waking myself up very early so I don't feel rushed and because early morning is the most beautiful time of day to me(4:30) -> in order to get myself up -> im motivating myself with the pure bliss of mastering and crafting a beautiful cup of coffee  (something I truly enjoy doing) instead of letting some dimpy machine make a half assed cup -> and then i'm tag teaming my item of joy (cup of beautifully rich coffee) with another pleasurable activity-> watching an episode of something fun and delightful.

And that is how I conquered the morning blues and started feeling excited and electric for the day. Try your variation of this and I'm absolutely certain it will change they way you look at your pillow forever.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Digging and escaping traps from your demon host

Today I realized that my food tendencies are a lot like life.

You see, I typically only like a certain part of the food im eating.
In ice cream,  I dig around like an archeologist looking to hit the jackpot chunks of oreos or the fudge brownie morsels
In cereal forget the corn flake part, im in it for the honey cluster packed bunch
On the pie, minus the filling and give me that graham cracker crust.

Basically I search for the best part of the food and leave the rest... Believe me its no easy task, it takes time!! plus my family despises me for it.

But you see my little learning ducks, life is like that; sometimes you gotta dig around and explore a bunch of crap to get to the really good stuff.

but on a side note, enjoy the digging and searching part too. you know what they say..

"Life's a Journey" which I've always comprehended to mean you spend alot of time doing the traveling part, maybe even more than the actually being at your destination so you might as well enjoy the "ride" part too.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hi Im jenns blog and im consistently inconsistent. 

Ive taken a few months off from life. 

And the results of that have been this...

Also known as great music bouncing around in my head. 

Also this happened...

fishing in remote places with my paps

canoeing in remote places

eating dates in remote places 

watching a young fella grow like a weed

drinking coffee, reading books, & lounging in the sun

and watching giant slip n slides be built by Landon