Saturday, March 9, 2013

A night in the life of a typical person

The events of last night started out with a bang...literally
I banged my finger in the trunk door of my car.
No worries,the recovery rate was faster than I could have imagined.

I decided to incorporate some gin in my life last night
After all my name is Jenn.
And besides it was so fun to see the annoyed expressions on my friends faces after I would say something like, " Jenn needs a little gin in her life, how about you?"
My friends couldn't tell if I was really trying to make this horrible play on words work.
Bottom line is, they didn't enjoy it.
And now Im heavily debating finding friends who have a mr. Rogers style to them...
I think people of this nature would really appreciate me for my creative endevours.

Next we went to a club. Anything with the word club in it scares me.
No worries though, it was " ladies night," thus we got in free.
But news flash to the world, it's ladies night every night in the life of Jenn.
My friends didnt appreciate this joke either.

Finally we left.
Between all the women and men flocking our table and the horrible club music we decided that we had enough of this type of night life, thus we headed to 7 eleven, and man thank heaven we did, because it turns out you can actually have a little too much gin in your life!
And get this. The lady working there offered me a killer deal I couldn't refuse!
Three hot dogs for $1.50!
Do the math, and you too will see the amazing ness of this.
I really didn't want three hot dogs, but it's like they say CHOLO
which I was informed last night meant: chu only live once.
No worries though, i didn't eat three hot dogs, I dispersed them through out the car and man did they go quick!
Lastly we headed back to our friends house where I full heartedly tried to convince Mick and otherJenn to adopt me into their family. 
I think they were kinda scared by my assertiveness of this matter, but I really enjoy hanging out with her mom and grandma.
Don't worry , my true family. I think we could work out some type of holiday schedule were I alternate between families. 

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