Sunday, August 24, 2014

Learn how to lose ten pounds in just ten minutes...10 lbs mentally that is... Aka be real and vulnerable

I moved to Costa Rica once. It was scary and had no idea what my life would be like. Sometimes id have minor freak outs and tell my mom I'm not ready for this, but the lady is a magician and knows how to listen well, then somehow not give back any advice and magically I feel better. Trying to incorporate that technique into my therapy skills these days.

Costa Rica
Well folks before you think my life is all skittles and rainbows..just know it's not. Sometimes social media can make us believe people have fairy tale lives through the pictures they share, and to be quite frank with ya, of coarse people are only going to post the highlights!!! it would be a tad awkward to post moments when shit ain't working out or when your crying into your pillow because you didn't win the grand chucky cheese prize.  So don't worry, we all have nice lives in different aspects. Don't devalue yours because of others. I say this only to be upfront about life and not lead you on some false personae of my journey in life.

So with that in mind I'll share with you the hardest moment and the best moment I've had here.

The worst...

One day it was hot humid muggy moist..all those terrible words combined..I had to go into town to grab some more groceries. On the ride there the whole bus became full except for the seat next to me. I had some elementary flash back moments and it felt a little painful because once again I was falsely lead to believe that I'm the weird white kid ( I went to a predominately Latino populated school) (don't worry I'm not racist, just painting a picture of understanding for you). Anywho here I was facing the same battle of trying to figure if my vibes are bad/intimidating/weird/etc. To add to this sometimes when you are an outsider living in foreign lands, you have moments when you realize no matter how long I live here, the color of my skin will always define me as an outsider. That is a feeling that can quickly eat you up and leave you feeling USA home sick  if you don't tackle that bad boy thought.  Don't pitty me though, not all people treat you like this, ticos are some of the nicest people around, but that is an overall generalization about a culture and thus doesn't dictate people of a nation on an individual level. Thus there are nice people and bitter people in all nations. Back to the story: finally a woman and her child got on the bus, being that there was an open seat next to me I saw this as an opportunity to prove myself as a caring individual, so in my horrible Spanish I asked the lady if she would like my seat so she could sit by her son. She was thrilled. And that's how I made my bad experience feel not so bad and lonely. Amen thee end.

The best time: eh I've changed my mind and don't really want to think about that right now.
But I would like to bullet point and few things and share some pics:
-I wish I could talk about my work life more, but everyone knows where that ends you up at...jobless. Just know this: I'm working on a really cool project right now and have a presentation this week. Pray to heavens that my ideas are heard, clearly communicated, and fully embraced because i believe it to be a marker of next step evolution for us. And just a reality check, I'm not some big shot of importance here, I just read a lot books in personal growth and apply it to work. Thus I took a lot of initiative... Aka intrinsically seeked out a blip in the comp, spoke with the director about how I saw it as a way for us to step up our game up and be more competitive, then asked to take the project on. You can all do this too, and if you work for a comp that  doesn't like feedback and thinks they have it all figured out, then get out of there quick because we are an evolving species that will forever live in a self revolutionizing world. Nothing is constant and thus the mouse who refuses to look for cheese in new places will eventually die. My dad taught me that one on a fishing trip once.

- I have a maid.. I just think this is hilarious. But also a real time saver. Hey don't even get mad at me, the company provides it for free and as a way to give a local tica lady a means of work to provide for her and her daughter.

-life is humble, fresh, and always teaching me some interesting shit. On to the pics..... Just kidding because I'm using my phone to write this, and  blogger wants me to download some app to do so. Crazy kids I tell ya.

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