Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pictures of my life in Costa Rica

I live in Las Tumbas, A lush tropical jungle about 30 min from a San Isidro city. The coolest thing about living in these hills is that I get the best of both worlds, a jungle of rolling hills and an ocean that you can see peeping over the hills (which is about 15 miles away).
 In short its a pretty eye pleasing place 
This is the sevegre river. Last week we took a week long white water rafting and kayaking trip through three different river 

Even the cows in Costa Rica are slot nice than in the us!

Where I live... I live here ☝️ most of the time aka a giant adults outdoor fort!! When I'm working I live at a lot different places depending on what I'm doing that week (river house, beach house, rancho tranquil) . That probably sounds chaotic to most but I'm just a modern nomad and don't like living in one place for too long.  
Costa Rica has some amazing fruit and I am constantly being introduced to new ones every day. Plus produce is pretty cheap. 

I buy organic kale from this adorbs Tican Lady. 
The I make giant green smoothies fon them. 


Saw these crazy indigenous carvings while on the rafting trip. 

Getting lost: 
I got lost, read about it on my insta bc I've way too tired to attempt to tell what happened. Obviously I made it out alive. 
Shout of the day goes to this shinning night in armor. Homeboy gave me a ride on his quad right up to my door in the rain. I ran into him the other day and we had a much less confusing convo. 

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