Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chaos homies

Hi life it's me.

I've always got a lot to say and that's why I have a blog.

This is to my tribe, aka that's what you call people of your kind. People who just set with you and get your soul. 

We live in confusing times, and just to attest this fact, I felt a earthquake last night and it was confusing for a sec, so there...believe me I know all about confusion. Witnessed it first hand last night. 

Anywho back to the topic, listen tribe this chaotic world is always going to be chaotic and never the place our parents saw at our age. That is life. Life evolves and changes. And for us growing american kids we are being hit hard by some nasty economic, global, Eco times.  I'm not a pessimist or loosing my mind but stating the knowledge I've collected from old wise minds and trends of the current times. America won't be the place it always was, it can't because it was never self sustaining from the get go. It was a facade and curtains are slowing but surely unvieling a wreckless floor plan. Note: I never said america will stop being the great. But we will not be allowed to continuously live without consequences as carelessly as our prev gen.

Take that info in and let it mean what it means to you. For me it's means this. We can't keep having dementia mind sets aka I'll make mistakes now and pay for them later, because later was our parents gen and we are the repercussions of the use of credit cards and buying with false money we never had and other reckless decisions. Be wise. 

Knowledge conquers all and will set you free. If we all upped the anty on our knowledge and wisdom  levels as a nation we could save ourselves from a lot of mistakes. Learn and never stop learning it will be your last standing leg when all else has failed and taken from
You, ifyou ever find yourself there. Which hopefully it won't. But don't be naive this is life and we see sad movies all the time. Sometimes those sad movies were based on real shit. 

Lastly if its yellow let it mellow. Save some water. 

May peace and blessings be with you. 

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