Sunday, August 31, 2014

The dogs are always right

 The dogs are always right I tells yeah. 

At three am the dogs in the jungle were making a fuse about nothing. Straight up woke me up; they was complaining so loud. Then Ginger mittens the kitty kat was being so abnormally annoying and kept wanting to cuddle and meow. I'm like yo cucumber muff getcha meowing outta here, it's three am! Well all the chaos makes sense now because bam 4 am..earthquake hit. 

No worries folks I'm ok. It happened to be just a short baby one. Happens all the time out in these parts or so I'm told 
Couldn't sleep after that so I got up and made this deluxe off the top my head breakfast omelette. I guess I'll write it down in my recipe book as the earthquarker breakfast shaker. Amen the end. 

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