Friday, March 28, 2014

Hums from the lawn mowers, satins panties, and garbage disposals

Its 7:30 am and Friday morning. As I slowly wake I can hear, through my open window the slight swishing of palm trees, birds chirping, and the hum of lawn mowers. Everything else is silent.

Together the ingredients of sounds will always be a melody that signifies good vibes, summer air, and the weekend. Growing up I always mowed the lawn on the weekend mornings. I suppose, forever I will believe that hums from the lawn mowers = the weekend.

Other shenanigans.

I made two epicly failed dinners this week, but yay for teenage boys whose appetites are like garbage disposals. So there was no guilt or shame of wasting food on my part.

Havent been running alot this week, as this week is a low milage/ back off week. Which has been a nice break for my mother/myself of trying to keep food in stock. Because on 50 mile weeks I eat for two.

Still havent heard anything about the job and have used all my resources of emailing, vmailing, calling, and bugging people. sigggghhh.

Mike (my guitar teacher) is teaching me Fire and Rain by James Taylor this week.

Landon, Brent, and I snuggled on the new couch with blankys and in our boxers, me( booty shorts) while watching The Truhman Show ( I almost cried, and Landon secretly got emotional)....

Wait wait wait....... in your underwear together?? What kind of family values are your promoting Jenn???

People might think this is weird, but after 6 oclock if you come to the Bishoffs house, youre probably going to see someone in their underwear. Mind you no ones roaming in thongs or "satins painties" and my defense to the nay sayers out there is this: underwear is the exact same as wearing a swim suit and no one gets weirded out by that! So bam shocka locka lamb... free your mind a little of these ludicrous social construction we have.  Because one day Id like to live in a society where in hotter climates of the world, underwear or swimsuits are totally normal daily attire.

Over and out roger

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