Monday, September 22, 2014

The good the bad the ugly

Well shoot readers what to say today. 

The good: I had quite the off week. I slept a lot. Worked a lot. Ran a lot. And had a lot of fun at the beach. My work threw us a party and it was probably the best work party I've been to.  We went whale watching (open bar) and snorkeling in the morning,  and then spent the rest of the day at the beach. I got some surf lessons from one of my colleagues, went sea kayaking with another, and then had a pretty great dinner at a beach view restuaraunt. Life was classy and good. Feels very good to be thrown a super nice party and feel appreciated in that sense. 

The bad: ginger mittens and I have been fighting all week. And in short, I'm throwing in my white flag because she's got more tricks up her ginger colored paws than hudini himself. And to keep it brief: she's killed two rats and left them to rot under my bed. So today I paid my respects to her and threw her a piece of raw chicken. Hopefully she gives me a damn break. 

The ugly: nothing is too ugly right now. In fact life has picked up a lot for me here and just keeps getting better and better. So maybe I'll just share more a slight ugly and then share some more good.

The ugly: I'm succumbing to a phone plan here.  But life is just too hard with this horrible internet and I am not being a good friend because I can hardly reply to shit. And lastly to justify it more, I need it for work. Bam. Take that tax reduction form. 

More good:  had a very crucial meeting this week. I was pretty nervous and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to hit all my points of my proposal with a clean enough argument behind it. but I did. It flowed out of me like the Nile river and in that sense I feel very blessed and grateful that my brain was working like fire and I know something greater than me was with me in that meeting. So yes It went extremely well and I'm really stoked to be given the opportunity to do this project. 

My Spanish is also improving. I translated last week!!! I felt so proud I myself! I think my biggest growths are when i am forced to speak Spanish and English is not even an option. So that means going to town more, traveling more, etc. 

Here's some visuals for my ADD homies

In the ear buds lately: pacific air, phatogram, toro y moi,  logic, Drake and Chris Browns new cd. (Don't judge me too hard on those last two)


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