Sunday, March 23, 2014

Your alive...Im alive. We are alive. Heres what ive been doing while youve been doing too.

Lets see here. update.....

Still running (55 mi this week)
Still reading (Hide Tide in Tuscon by Barbra Kingsolver and Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel)
Still Alive ( Eating lots of gratefruits and Ceviche)


Sunday I did a whooping 17 miles of Radio Hill. It was quite the experience. After Mile 10, I had to suffice with walking down each time. Which seems to be my achilles heel. Contrary to popular belief downhill miles are much more challenging than uphill. Anywho Im working on this, because if you want to keep up with the big boys you gotta train with the law of physics and what Alicia Keys so cleverly said...which is.... "what goes up must come down".  Sundays are usually my radio hill days so after im done writing this I shall go venture out to the solitude of the desert in hopes of feeling of oneness and peace.

But where are you going with all this running Jenn? Hmmm good question... Ill let you know as soon as I know. But here is what I do know this far... it keeps me mildly sane and teaches me some sort of "inner wisdom"... so in that sense is akin to what ambrosia was for the greek gods.

Barbra Kingsolver is the woman!!!! Im not sure why I havent heard more rave about her writing but holy moley the woman speaks to my heart. You know when you keep your expectations low about an event and then the event is like amazing? Thats the experience I had while reading High Tide in Tuscon. I rented to the book, but will surly be buying it as it is a piece of writing I greatly respect and thus feel that paying a small fee towards Barbsy is the least I can do in saying thank you for having the courage to say the things so many of us dont have the guts to.

Staying Alive

Ill share a small amt of what else is been going on but only because it has tested my patience on a whole new level. Im currently playing the waiting game for a job. And waiting is hard for us human beings.....This is a job where there are multi hoops to jump through and you wonder if they are secretly just testing patience levels. So here I sit crossing fingers, toes, eyes, lower intestines and pray to the job gods to let the odds be ever in my favor.

Other news....
Ceviche, Gazpacho and Blackbean brownies are rocking my taste buds right now.
Also I cant wait for summer because Im having intense cravings for watermelon.

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