Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pink Moon

When all was quiet on the western frontier in the life of jenn, life gave me my running legs back.
And when everything seemed scary and chaotic running gave me a reason to be. 

In short, I have experienced some very intimate runs the past two weeks...Runs, which have left me with a new understanding of what it means to be deeply connected with the earth. Pretty amazing stuff, and my lexacon nor the english language contain the words in describing these moments, but i know that they will remain some of the most intimate moments of my life. To run under a full moon and milky night sky with a soft spring breeze pushing the scent of orange blossoms down the trail... you cant help but crave for more.

On a more surface level on my running endeavors... I lost a toe nail and I dont think its coming back....sighhhh. I also jacked up my milage to 50 mi the last two weeks. Meaning ive got 100 miles under my belt in the span of two weeks. Which I believe is a new personal best.

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