Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Recover From Soul Fraud

Inventive, fresh, and against the grain ideas, thats what this talk was for me. It reminded me of the power of not being afraid in following your ideas/thoughts/brain, instead of going with crowd. It also reminded me to challenge every thought that enters my brain before accepting it as truth. Its important to ask your brain if its thoughts are valid. By questioning your beliefs (ie: Im ugly, Im dumb, No one likes me) you are giving yourself the power to create your own reality. If you accept your belief "I am dumb" then essentially this belief is your reality AKA self fulfilling prophecy.  Be kind to yourself and challenge your beliefs. It only makes sense; we have zero tolerance for credit card/ identity fraud, yet how much fraud do we let into our precious souls.

MUSAC for the day....
Sounds like: warm dry desert sunsets/desert cactus/shot of tequila might have been involved.

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