Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Digging and escaping traps from your demon host

Today I realized that my food tendencies are a lot like life.

You see, I typically only like a certain part of the food im eating.
In ice cream,  I dig around like an archeologist looking to hit the jackpot chunks of oreos or the fudge brownie morsels
In cereal forget the corn flake part, im in it for the honey cluster packed bunch
On the pie, minus the filling and give me that graham cracker crust.

Basically I search for the best part of the food and leave the rest... Believe me its no easy task, it takes time!! plus my family despises me for it.

But you see my little learning ducks, life is like that; sometimes you gotta dig around and explore a bunch of crap to get to the really good stuff.

but on a side note, enjoy the digging and searching part too. you know what they say..

"Life's a Journey" which I've always comprehended to mean you spend alot of time doing the traveling part, maybe even more than the actually being at your destination so you might as well enjoy the "ride" part too.

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