Friday, December 7, 2012

Finals Month

They should rename "finals week" to "finals month" because it speaks the reality of the situation. 

 Signs that constantly remind me that this madness (finals month) has gone on far too long:
1. I almost crashed into a handicap parking post in a half empty parking lot. 
2. I wear athletic wear and do absolutely nothing athletic in them
3. I basically own a computer at the library. Ive even personalized it with finding the most comfy chair for it and wipe down the desk, keyboard, and mouse daily with sanitary wipes. 
4. Dont be fooled by my cleanliness with the sanitation wipes, the only reason I do is because I know that getting sick at this point in the game would truly be a tragedy 
5. At the end of the day I find myself saying the exact same thing.. " Oh MAN, what a day!" (implying mental and physical exhaustion). 
6. I have considered hiring someone to do my laundry because I have no time to do it and plus can you imagine how nice it would be in general?! 

On the brighter side there is an end to this tunnel, its date is Friday December 14, 2012 at 5:00 PM. In preparation for this glorious event I am in the middle of tracking down and renting out every David Sedaris book the library has to offer. My plan is to read all of them while laying underneath the palm trees of my home town. Yes, thats right, after three years of having to work on christmas thus denying me the privilege of going home ever, I finally get to go home! I pretty much begged and pleaded with my boss to let me have it off. We came to an agreement that if I made him a rasta native american bracelet I could go (thank the heavens for skills learned while working wilderness therapy!!!).

Back to practicing solving regressions by hand. 

Digging Lana Del Rey lately. She's got this sassy / gangsta / elegant vibe to her.  

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