Thursday, December 13, 2012

At this point in the game

Must not give into peer pressure, back pain, and twitching eye. Must give all that is left in me to study for my last final. Its alot easier said than done. It seems as though every one is done with finals and I want to go play too! But I can't. My mom said to me today, "know that this could be the difference between an A and B". She's right and hence this is the reason I am not allowing myself on facebook til Im finished tomorrow; not because Im addicted but because all post follow the typical college student  done with finals hype. Which I badly desire.

To motivate myself I have also posted next to me emails from my professors, letting me know Im great. Here they are.....

The first is not what it looks like, it was a challenge since I was not required to take the final . In order to get a 0% you have to know all the right answers. So there you have it, Jenn's only true claim to fame in her academic career. Im hoping to be a legendary in that class now, maybe a plaque with my student id picture glued to it.

You might be saying to yourself.. Jenn I think you are going crazy. And I think you are absolutely right. For the love of the game! Cheers!

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