Friday, November 9, 2012

Heres some semi-catchy lyrics for all the CPU nerds out there. 

A breakthrough in soap
 As a civil citizen, I feel obligated to share with you a breakthrough I had in purchasing soap. For the past... I dont know... since my sweat glands started producing odor Ive had an issue with stench. Not a bad stench, some people describe it as an indian food, or an outdoorsy smell. To put myself in the clear the stench isn't noticeable until late in the day, which is kind of normal anyway. Any who Ive tried everything to get rid of my 6 o'clock indian food odor and nothing has done the trick. Ive tried... scrubbing my pits until they were red every time I showered, used every type of deodorant ( mens, womens, natural, clinical), not shaving my pits, shaving my pits daily, scrubbing all my shirts pit area. None of this has worked. Until now. A girl I worked with told me about Dr Bronners Soap. I didnt really believe in her hippy miracle treatment, since she did smell like a hippy, but I recently bought some and it really is a miracle. Sometimes I don't even have to put deodorant on! 

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