Friday, July 27, 2012

Yesterday on our way home we saw this amazing sunset. Jen (other Jen, not me) snapped this photo. She has magic powers with the camera and wins flutes and other goodies at work for taking the best photos out in the field. 

  I got to work with my pal Mary again. Mary always has my back when we have to put the smack down on the girls.  But overall, Mary is one the coolest people I have met. She's legit and taught me how to bead like an indian.

Today: Its 6am, Im at the coffee shop, bumming internet, looking for housing, like a good student trying to defeat procrastination and dreaded homework. . But truth be told this housing assignment is the worst homework assignment someone could give me. I hate it. For some reason i'm convinced that where I live will determine my future. Heres how it goes in my head when Im viewing housing on craigslist:
"this house has a crappy living room, no one is going to want to hang out here, meaning no one will want to come over, meaning i'll be a lonely hermit for life..."
I know its ridiculous. 
I wish someone would just let me build an adult sized tree house in their backyard. 

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