Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The recent happenings

For Cinco de Mayo I made this gigantic chile pepper shot line. May 5th brings me close to home. I remember the big festival that would take place at all the schools. Not only would there an assembly during school, but then around 4:00 the community would set up a big carnival at the school which included dancing, booths of tacos, beans, and horchata.  Now that I think about it; at school, Cinco may have been a bigger celebration than Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Just read this. Suelo lives without money, that is the premise of this book.  It invoked some interesting thoughts for me and am considering doing something similar to this after I graduate so that I can pay my loans off mucho rapido....which means I wouldn't be quitting money entirely. I think Suelo serves an interesting view, one point mentioned in the book is how we feed into a corrupt money system when we partake in money, my lamest comeback to Suelo is "well you don't have a period, try adding that to your moneyless equation!"

I decided to go to the Pride Festival this year. But I did alot of heavy contemplating before  I went.
Reasons why I thought I should ditch out:  because at times it can feel like no one cares about the cause but instead uses it as a way to scope out new flings, and be completely wasted. Go ahead have a celebratory drink but remember there are watching eyes. 

Reason to go: To support and to feel supported, because being gay can be really crappy at times.  As cheesy as this might sound, during the parade I felt like " Hey Jenn, look at all these people here and who support you, you're ok, and you can do this bebe." 

Tomorrow I'll be back out in the field, which Im a tad nervous about. The girls group got 6 new girls this week, which means group dynamics may be a little whacky. I think Ill bring out my camera this week as I have no pictures of this year, maybe Ill heavy document so you can get the feel of what my day looks like. 

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