Sunday, July 18, 2010

The past two days i did Jenn days. This is where I do anything I desire. I spoil myself. I go on dates with myself. I treat myself so well. And give my body lots of attention.
So this is what I did....
1. Went running in the rain
2. Bought myself a MCdees ice cream cone (87ce
3. Took myself on a date to the movies
4. Took a midnight bike ride
5. Took the hottest and longest candle lit shower ever
6. Indulged in plenty of greek yogurt
7. Worked on my visualization board
8. Drove up the canyon found a nice spot, and angry drew
(aka drew freely everything thats bugging me)
9. Took a nap
10. Made Biscotti
11. Listened to french slow jazz (it makes me feel rich)

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